Doha's first specialised cold pressed juice bar

Forget about diet culture. We’re all about nurturing our bodies, minds and souls.

  • We believe in premium ingredients.

    Every item on our menu is made with seasonal produce. Adding sugar or preservatives isn't an option. Instead, we strive to make every ingredient as beneficial as possible.

  • We believe in accessibility

    Our mission is to make healthy food accessible, affordable, and enjoyable. If quality nutrition isn't convenient, it is unlikely to become a habit.

  • We believe in flavor

    It may seem obvious, but we think healthy food should taste good. For us, flavor is just as important as nutrition benefits. Each restore recipe is designed with taste in mind. We don’t just want to reboost your wellness, we want to wow your taste buds too!

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Cold Pressed

Fresh fruits and vegetables are pressed with a hydraulic press using thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the juice. Because we do not add heat or pasteurization, which are typically used by most companies, we retain the maximum amount of natural enzymes, nutrients, flavors, and tastes. So you get the maximum amount of nutrition, vitamins, and protein.